New tick borne dog disease in the UK.

There have now been several confirmed cases of Babesiosis confirmed in the Essex area.

This is a disease widespread in Europe that, until now, has not been present in the UK. Previously cases in the UK have all been in dogs that have travelled in Europe and been infected there.  The recent Essex cases however, have been in dogs which have not been abroad.

Bebesiosis is caused by a blood parasite which is caught from a bite from an infected tick. The parasite causes the blood cells to rupture resulting in acute severe fever and anaemia. Symptoms are often severe and can be fatal.

There is no vaccine available in the UK and treatment can be problematical and not always successful.
The best method of protection against this disease is to use an application which offers good tick control.

Currently we are finding one of the most effective products is Bravecto which offers 12 weeks protection with a single dose. This will usually kill ticks within 24 hours of attachment which is before thay can pass on the infection.

Another new product is Vectra 3D which offers good protection.  These are both prescription medicines.

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