LEISHMANIASIS - Vaccine now available

Caused by a parasite: Leishmania. This disease occurs in southern Europe especially round the Mediterranean coast and islands. This tends to be a slow chronic disease which may not manifest until months or even years after infection. It can cause a variety of problems including skin problems, eye infections, kidney disease and joint pains.

Disease is usually chronic, treatment is expensive and rarely successful. The most serious aspect of Leishmaniasis is that it is zoonotic i.e. it can be transmitted from animals to humans and children are particularly vulnerable.

Consequently, most animals positively diagnosed with leishmaniasis are put to sleep. The disease is transmitted by sandflies.

Prevention of Leishmania

There are currently 3 products available for control of sandflies: Vectra 3D, Advantix and Scalibor insecticidal collars containing deltamethrin.
Sandflies are nocturnal and usually found outdoors so keeping dogs animals indoors at night should help reduce the risk of disease. Sandflies also dislike moving air so that a fan kept in the room in which your pet sleeps would offer some additional protection.
Canileish, a vaccine against Leishmania is now available. Although initially quite expensive if you are spending any length of time in endemic areas it would be worth considering this. Please ask at Reception for details.