Due to a dramatic rise in the number of stolen animals being taken abroad, DEFRA have advised us that the Pet Passport which you have can only be in the name of a single person.
If anyone, other than the person on the passport takes your pet abroad using the Pet Passport, it must be accompanied by a letter, signed by the passport holder, giving them permission for that person to take the animal abroad. This applies even if that person is your spouse. Passports cannot be held in joint names.
Only fill in the second name, address etc. if there has been a change of ownership or address, and draw a line across the first entry. If this section is filled in it takes precedence and the first name, address etc. is no longer valid.
Write and sign a letter to accompany the passport giving permission for anyone else who might take your pet abroad without you and keep this with the passport.

New Rabbit vaccine available - September 2016

VHD (viral haemorrhagic disease)
you may be aware from reports in the press, a new variation of VHD (viral haemorrhagic disease) virus has now appeared in the UK called VHD 2. Like VHD 1 it usually causes a rapidly fatal disease. Its exact prevalence in the UK is uncertain but outbreaks have been reported from various parts of the country. Unfortunately the current vaccine (Nobivac myxoRHD) only protects against VHD1. We now have a small supply of a new vaccine (Felavac) which protects against VHD2 only but availability is very limited. The cost of each vaccination is £25 per rabbit and will need to be repeated every 6 months. Unfortunately the new vaccine is incompatible with the Nobivac myxoRHD and these vaccinations cannot be done at the same time- an interval of at least 2 weeks is required. Because of limited availability, if you wish to have your rabbit vaccinated please ring the surgery and talk to Kerry who will reserve a dose for you and make you an appointment. We still recommend yearly vaccination against myxomatosis and VHD1, both diseases still being widespread throughout the UK.

6th APRIL 2016 is a Red Letter day for Dog owners

It will be Law in England that all dogs must have a microchip and all details held on a national database must be up to date.

Dogs must be micro-chipped by the time they are 8 weeks old, there are no exceptions to this Law.

It will be the responsibility of the seller of any puppy, or dog, to register the new owners details on a national database.

Failure to comply could result in a £500.00 fine.

Please do not leave it until the last minute, ensure your dog is microchip'd and that your details are up to date.

MicroChip National Databases

There are 4 National Databases, your pet could be registered on.

If you are unsure then visit this website, enter the chip number and it will tell you who to contact

If micro chipped at this practice it will be recorded on Identibase (previously Anibase).

Identibase (was known as Anibase)

01904 487600

There is a charge of £6.00 for each request to amend records, or you can join their ‘Locate’ scheme for a one off fee of £17.95 per animal, which lasts for 8 years and allows multiple changes to contact details